About Us

About Anthill Champions

A qualified and passionate team of consultants that focuses on creating value and memorable experiences for our clients

Our Vision

To be the best employee engagement company in Team Building, experiential training & coaching


Building effective Teams

Core Values

1. Team Work
2. Excellence
3. Fun

Our Capability Statement

Our Competitive Advantage is yours too because working with Anthill champions guarantees:

1. Superior results: You get practical and elegant simplicity of our Systems Thinking Approach to issues that help you to achieve and sustain superior performance/results.

2. Knowledge transfer: : You get professional and competent knowledge, skills, materials and methodology transferred to your people for continuous self-assessment and improvement

3. Greater value for your investment: :You get to interact with experts with vast experience in the corporate world.

4. Our coaching approach will help build ownership and action points that are easy to own and implement in your organizations current realities.

5. Training Assignments will be undertaken by a team of competent facilitators from Anthill Champions Limited.

Some of our happy clients