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Customer Care Training

Any staff representative who interacts with the public and the internal staff is a candidate for Service delivery training. Offering service is an integral activity and every staff member will have to buy into the plan first. In most cases, the company staff must be able to give assistance to various clients who require assistance from time to time. At the same time, they must reflect the core values of the firm and adhere to the firms pledge to serve the people. The aim is to bring about sensitivity on what the agenda is and how they must believe in the vision, mission and values of the institution. To get a foothold in the market, it is important for an organization to empower its employees with proper skills and competence and at the same time keep their energy levels high.

Attitude and Culture Change

We impart in teams the ability to adapt to changes (learn), let go of old routine (unlearn) and keep the learning process going (relearn). Good attitude is the key to excellent performance. Adopting change that is relevant to the market realities of the business is the sure way to be relevant to customers and staying ahead of competition. It is our core duty to a help teams with strategies to adjust and co-create the atmosphere the organization wants so that to deliver on the set mandate.

Sales force Training

The success, progress or failure of an organization depends on the proficiency of the sales team tasked with the responsibility of handling clients to achieve marked increase in productivity. The game of getting numbers requires as tute sales force that understands the business a9nd the customer needs. Our key deliverables in this space is to help build a customer centric sales force that achieves the set numbers and builds sustainable business sales channels.

Coaching Training

Anthill champions collaborates with ICF certified partners to competently design and implement coaching programs that are aligned to your organization’s talent strategy that progressively supports the achievement of your vision, mission & strategic objectives We have extensive expertise in providing Professional Coach Training for middle to up per middle management, through Accelerated Coach Training (ACT). For monitoring and evaluation of coaching, We employ a proprietary software platform from Matrix Insights to both guide and track leadership development and internal/external coaching of employees across an organization.

Team Building

The truth is that teamwork is at the heart of great achievement and peak performance. The question is not whether teams have value. The question is whether individual team members acknowledge the fact and become better players. Teams involve more people, thus affording more resources, ideas and energy than would an individual. Our approach gives a framework for developing teams that are highly motivated and deliver tangible results at higher levels of unmatched quality & productivity.

Motivational and Inspirational Talks

Sometimes serous dysfunctions like lack of trust, accountability and fear of conflict, could be emanating from lack of confidence in teams which could in turn lower productivity. Every Team needs a cheer and a new song to pull through the odds that may temporarily mar the full picture of impending